Introducing the URC

March 7th, 2010

SGD will be doing all advertising, logo, stationary, invites and registration cards for the United Republican Club (URC) of Philadelphia.

The URC is a political organization located in Philadelphia. As most people know Philadelphia is made up of mostly Democrats. Which makes their advertising and marketing material that much more important!

We are very excited about this new client and can’t wait to see what the future holds. The possibilities are literally endless and new clients are sure to come of this.

Our first job is to make and produce membership cards and sign-up cards. Let us know what you think!


We are Iron Men!

February 10th, 2010

It’s been a while since my last post, but I assure you we’re not slow here by any means!

Upcoming projects include more custom T-shirt designs. One in particular, is for the Salt lake City Iron man competition coming in July. Scott Buell hired us to create a custom shirt for his “Iron Sherpas”. Iron Sherpas are a team of friends, family and trainers that help the Iron man during the vigorous triathlon.

Fun fact: The term “iron sherpa” comes from the sherpas that help guide climbersup mountains. I never knew that until now. You never know what will come along next in this industry. I love my job!

Good Luck Scott!!!

iron man logo

Work, work, work Photoshoot

July 11th, 2009

The shoot for Delphia Entertainment’s Work, work, work video went great last night! We shot 388 pictures. Most of which are great shots! I think that’s way better than two cropped photos a piece! I really think Danny found his calling man!

Dan Torres used a few different lenses and techniques to shoot us in front of the green screen. We wore two outfits for me and 3 for Nicole. After Dan left I put the good images Nicole really liked into a inDesign doc then made a pdf. I loaded that onto a jump drive before we went to bed at around 3am. We woke up at 6:30am and took the train downtown to my office at 20th and Market where I printed the headshots and other pictures of Nicole that were on the pdf on heavy photo paper, spiral bounded a book together of all of the pictures and then put extra headshots in a folder in the back of the book. From there we took the train to 2nd street where Nicole got off to go to her modeling workshop. She was ten minutes late and couldn’t get in…

THE POINT IS that the woman at the agency said that she needed professional headshots on Thursday for a workshop on SATURDAY! AND WE DID IT (just ten minutes late)! That is really amazing how everything came together in such a small amount of time! That is truly a sign of a motivated, “get the job done”, resourceful team.

Thanks for your help. And congratulations on a job well done Danny!

Can’t wait to see what’s next!!

SGD goes to MySpace

July 8th, 2009

Stalmaster Graphic Design has set up a Myspace account: We hope this will help get our name “out there” and generate some business. We also hope that the page gets us some valuable contacts and professional relationships through networking.

MySpace has a great reputation for networking and as far as marketing it adds to SGD’s searchabilty on the web.

We are looking to upload past projects and future projects in the images section and we will have regular updates to current events at SGD. So look us up and add us to your friends list because we are taking over MySpace!

SGD MySpace

Delphia Entertainment

June 21st, 2009

Let me start out by giving a BIG shout out to Delphia Entertainment co-owner Dan Torrez!

Dan is a lifelong friend of mine from Highschool. I remember skateboarding with him back when that’s all we had for a creative outlet. Now days Dan has a different, more profitable and creative outlet, Delphia Entertainment.

Dan hooked up with Delphia’s CEO Jason Sherman to produce videos and explore new, unique ways to become an entrepreneur in a market saturated with self-starters. Dan introduced me to Jason a few months ago to discuss a possible brand for Delphia and a few of his smaller companies. As we were developing the Delphia brand, Dan and Jason were producing the “All We Do Is Work” video (coming in July). To my surprise,  I ended up getting a small appearance in the video and my fiance’, Nicole, got the lead role as the sexy secretary! She also had a video photo shoot and personal photo shoot, but more on that later.

We had a great time creating the video and it was an eye opening experience. What I mean is that I really didn’t expect the level of professionalism that Dan and Jay maintain when they work (special shout out to Eliza Marton, co-founder of Delphia, who personally oversees development of all of their projects). I felt like we were in a Hollywood studio, shooting ABC’s latest sitcom! From the actors who did a very professional job, to the producers who oversaw everything personally to photographers who set up a special on-set shoot; each brought their profession to the table. The result: an outstanding promotional video and photographs for their company!

During the production and in the midst of countless other projects Eliza, Dan and Jay take on, Stalmaster Graphic Design developed the Delphia brand. It was a delight to work with these guys. They each had a vision of what the brand was supposed to be. And in the end I melded it all together into a tight representation of what the company is and what they stand for. I hope we have many more projects in the future.

Mostly, I hope these guys blow up. They deserve it!

Delphia metal

Welcome to the Stalmaster Graphic Design Blog!

June 19th, 2009

Welcome to the SGD (Stalmaster Graphic Design) Blog!

I’m starting this blog to give information and updates to clients, friends and anyone interested in our company. I’ll try to post as much as possible to keep up to date information on here. Please feel free to comment and leave creative criticism for all of our work. I hope you will bookmark this page and keep us in mind whenever graphic solutions come up!

Thanks for stopping by!


SGD Metal